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We can show you how many prints are made throughout your office network and clearly identify the saving you will achieve by using multifunctional photocopiers.

Example of savings to be made by replacing your existing printers with one of our multifunctional photocopiers

Black and white printers have an average operational cost of around 5 pence per page and a multifunctional photocopier has an average operational cost of around 0.6 pence per page.
Printing an average 4000 prints per month

£250.00 per month per printer
£30.00 per month with a multifunctional photocopier
That's a saving of £220.00 per month or £2640.00 per annum

We can identify where your operational cost savings can be achieved and provide you with an accurate indication of the amount you can save with one of our digital multifunctional photocopiers.

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