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Leasing Photocopiers and Office Equipment

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We are an independent Office Equipment and Photocopier leasing advisers with no ties to any one finance provider. With over 20 years experience in leasing office equipment and photocopiers through our many leasing partners, we provide a comprehensive range of leasing finance solutions with competitive pricing on our quality ranges of office equipment

London Photocopier Rentals have a large range of Office Equipment and Canon photocopiers for short or long term leasing and we can provide you with some of the best Leasing deals and Leasing rates on Canon photocopiers in Central London and Home counties.

Leasing keeps money in your business rather than locked up in depreciating assets. It’s a cost effective alternative to paying cash, as the benefit to your business is the use of equipment rather than ownership.

With the help of our leasing partners, we can arrange a flexible payment structure to maximise your returns over the life of the agreement and set payments against taxable profits to improve tax efficiency.

In today's uncertain financial climate leasing Copiers and Office Equipment will not only give a peace of mind but also allows businesses to keep up with the very latest technology and take advantage of there lower running costs

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  • Pay off your current lease
  • £500.00 Cash back on selected colour photocopiers
  • Free office equipment and copier installation
  • Free office equipment and copier delivery
  • Free office equipment and copier training
  • local delivery Service

London copier rentals can install and network your rental / hire copier and ensure it is set up exactly the way you want it to be, with our own fully qualified engineers.

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Copier Leasing and rental / Hire

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Fantastic Prices and Lease Rates
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Whatever your colour photocopier requirements are, we will always provide you with a fast and competitive service.

Photocopier Leasing

Leasing copiers provides a cost effective way of spreading your cost and can free up your cash for better use elsewhere.

Photocopier lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits, similar purchases are not.

If you want to upgrade your current colour copier but are currently tied into a photocopier leasing contract, London photocopier rentals may still be able to help you upgrade to today’s new photocopier technology and save money!

If you are interested in leasing a photocopier contact us for advice on our copier leasing options

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Why should you use Photocopier leasing

Leasing Multifunction Photocopiers and office equipment can save a business a substantial amount of money and give peace of mind in today's uncertain financial climate.

If you are thinking of acquiring New Office Equipment or a multifunctional colour photocopier printer for your business, you will also be giving careful thought to expenditure. Leasing copiers with OMM gives you the certainty you need when planning your Equipment & Expenditure needs. Lease payments are tax deductible and costs are fixed in advance, so budgeting is exact, Irrespective of interest rate rises.

You can Lease a New Digital Photocopier from £ 5.00 Per Week...

Photocopier Leasing Guide

Advantages to leasing copiers:

Preserves credit
A lease does not impact your existing lines of credit. By leasing you can preserve your existing lines for other important business needs.
Bundle your solution
Leasing allows you to "bundle" office equipment and soft costs such as installation, software and training, and in some cases, maintenance, into a single lease contract and one convenient regular lease payment. Banks may require you to pay some or all of these costs separately and may not typically combine them in a loan package.
Conserves capital
Leasing eliminates the need for a down payment and/or other up-front costs required in a typical loan transaction. Leasing helps you to conserve capital instead of tying it up in fixed assets, as an outright purchase would.
Makes it easier to budget and make unplanned purchases
You can count on predictable, fixed regular payments for the entire length of the lease term, making it simple for them to forecast and budget equipment expenses.
Latest Technology
Keep up with new technology, equipment maybe upgraded to take advantage of new developments or increased needs.

  • Copier lease costs are fixed in advance, so budgeting is exact
  • Photocopier leasing overcomes budget limitations
  • Photocopier leasing Eases cash flow
  • Photocopier lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits, similar purchases are not.
  • Photocopier leasing provides a medium-term source of capital which may not be available elsewhere;
  • Photocopier leasing allows you to have the latest copier technology, but with a minimal monthly outlay.
  • Leasing Photocopiers can give you the Freedom to Upgrade Equipment at any time


Find out if leasing is the right solution for you

Contact our leasing specialist offering some of the best photocopier leasing and rental rates available.

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